Board Facilitation – Meetings and Retreats

While the Board is generally not responsible for setting strategy, it can often give valuable input before the strategic planning process begins and act as a sounding board as part of a review process. Many CEOs find that a process to engage Board members ensures that the senior management team is able to give careful consideration to issues and ideas that the Board members would like to see addressed during the strategic planning process.

Board input before the process broadens your company’s horizons and ensures that the Board’s concerns and ideas are considered as you go through the process, rather than at the end when a final presentation is given.

If you think that your company would benefit from having your Board’s thoughts and ideas as food for thought as you go through your strategic planning process, please give us a call. We will work with you to facilitate a forum which engages the Board and solicits their thinking on business conditions, strategic issues and new opportunities to be addressed. Clients find these meetings very productive and Board members enjoy engaging in strategic thinking.

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"The Chief Executive Network facilitates meetings of CEO's and C Suite executive exclusively. As one might expect to do this successfully for over 25 years we have to have an excellent process administered by the most sophisticated professional facilitators.

Denise Harrison is one of the best of the best of our facilitator group. I would highly recommend to her to anyone engaged in senior executive retreats."

- Bob Grabill
President & CEO
Chief Executive Network