Steve Allison, President and CEO, Alsop Pump and Muller Irrigation

"A key in the success of the plan development was your leadership in the facilitation of the sessions.  Your industry and practical experience brought real world credibility to the process.  A large part of the success of the planning session was getting the group to realize and accept that they had to make choices of who to say "no" to.  This forced the group to focus on the real opportunities.  Applying the principles and following the plan helped Cablcon achieve its best year in the history of the company (27 years) in 2013 in terms of revenue, profits and profitability."
- Clay Pace, President & CEO, Cablcon

"I hired Denise to work with us at Welch Allyn on our international strategic planning efforts in 2007 and again in our 2009 refresh. She is extremely well organized, articulate, focused and an expert on working with cross-functional teams to investigate, evaluate, focus and ultimately produce a well-documented simplified strategy and set of action plans to deliver results. She gets to the heart of the issues and keeps the teams on track. I would highly recommend you consider Denise for your planning efforts."
- Louise McDonald, President, International, Welch Allyn, Inc.

"Thank you for two excellent strategic planning programs. Our two groups here at BoatU.S. are both going strong.  This is the one year anniversary for the first group and their half dozen "action plans" have taken off.  I see good things happening as a direct result of their work, but even better things are also happening as an indirect impact.  For example, the IT and Web initiatives from Group I have helped Group II pursue their goals.  Denise, your facilitation and leadership made it work – in spite of the large number of people involved – we had great sessions and we are moving our agenda ahead."
-  William M. Oakerson, Co-Chairman and CEO, BoatU.S.

"Denise led our strategic planning process for several years and the result is continued profitable growth. By following the strategic planning process we narrowed our focus to provide unique services in our markets. This process enabled us to successfully and continuously beat or avoid our competition. She skillfully guided our discussions and course of action. Her expertise and experience continues to be a valuable asset to our success."
- Moira Lethbridge, President & CEO, Paltech, Inc.

"We hired Denise to lead our executives in strategic planning for our growing company. She did an excellent job in getting to the heart of our business and leading us to design a strategic plan to lead our company into extended growth, which it did. I certainly would recommend her to companies that need outside influence (which most companies do) to focus on new and innovative ways to conduct business for greater results."
- Roger Mortenson, President & CEO, House-Autry Mills, Inc.

"I highly recommend Denise Harrison as a consultant to get your strategic/annual planning process reinvigorated or off the ground. Denise is an excellent facilitator/consultant of the strategic planning process. She is patient, yet firm. She adapts to executive level teams in a way that helps get buy-in to what is likely an unfamiliar process for the participants. She is very prepared for strategic planning meetings to insure efficient use of time. Her corporate senior leadership experience provides her with a wealth of examples of what has and has not worked for others, while giving her credibility to lead high level executives through strategic planning efforts. She skillfully enables out-of-the–box thinking to limit the tendency to gravitate towards "group-think" and "we've always done it that way" thinking. Her fact based approach can lead to the discovery of new market segments or new strategies for existing ones. You will not be disappointed!"
- Paul Grette, Vice President, Stratasys, Inc.

"Denise is an excellent facilitator and a very quick study. She is very prepared and brings out the best results from diverse group participation. Deliverables were presented on time and well within budget."
- Michael Abram, Sr. Vice President, Versar.

"Denise is an expert leading executive teams in building well thought out and focused strategic plans. I have utilized Denise 5-6 times with outstanding results. I highly recommend Denise."
-  Kevin Cahill, Executive Vice President & CFO, Welch Allyn, Inc.

"I would highly recommend Denise for any company who is considering developing a realistic and working strategic plan. She is well versed in all elements of a strategic business plan from marketing, to product management to human resources. She is highly engaging and drives to achieve results."
- David Szafranski, Vice President, Pacific Valley Bank.

"Denise assisted us in developing an updated strategic plan for our firm. We couldn't have done it without her. She helped us through the process in a systematic and very effective manner."
- Dale Jerome, President, French Associates, Inc.