Consulting Services

  1. Strategic planning and execution process: Using our 30 years of experience, we will tailor a strategic planning process that will meet your organization's requirements and achieve your vision of success. We ensure that your strategic plan is turned into action with clear plans, timelines, and accountability. Have you been disappointed by past results of your strategic planning efforts? We will work with you to ensure that your strategic planning process is focused and produces results. This is our core service offering and we have worked with over one hundred companies on strategic development, enabling firms to achieve superior results.

  2. Departmental strategic planning process: If you are looking to develop a strategy or business plan for your department, ensuring that it is aligned with corporate strategy, we will work with you to develop a departmental strategy that gets your team thinking strategically, working towards common goals and objectives of both department and the corporation.

  3. Strategic alignment: Even with a good strategic plan, many companies find that the plan has not permeated the organization. Our strategic alignment program will help your employees understand how the plan affects them and ensures that everyone is on the same page. This program enables individuals to understand their role and what they need to do to help the company move forward strategically.

  4. Strategic thinking: Many companies look to enhance their high potential employees’ strategic thinking capabilities. This program is designed to help these candidates think strategically about your business, encouraging them to challenge existing ways of doing things and analyzing how best to make improvements.

  5. Strategic evaluation of mergers and acquisitions: 80% of acquisitions fail to achieve expectations. Why? Often strategic issues are missed. This process is not about the due diligence process (which is important), but it looks at strategic issues regarding acquisitions and will help raise your companies’ chance of success.

  6. Merger and acquisition integration: Combining two companies: The integration process works with teams to align the two companies’ strategies. Tremendous time is spent before an acquisition is complete on due diligence, but often acquisitions fall apart because the same amount of time and effort is not spent on examining how the two companies view the future and how they prioritize important issues and projects. This merger integration process brings the teams together to determine a common/joint future vision and prioritize key strategic initiatives.

  7. Board facilitation (meetings and retreats): Many executives would like constructive input from their Board of Directors but have difficulty making these meetings productive. Our Board facilitation leverages the extensive knowledge of the individuals sitting on the Board, without getting into the nitty-gritty details of the business.