Strategic alignment

"It's as if I am speaking a different language. I communicate the strategy but we aren’t on the same page. What can I do?"
- A puzzled CEO, frustrated by the lack of alignment in his organization.

CEOs and senior managers often express this frustration – how do you get everyone rowing in the same direction? Our alignment program will link your strategy, goals and initiatives to departmental and personal plans that are aligned with your organization's strategy. This program will:

"There never seems to be enough time to talk about what happened, but I really want to thank you for spending time preparing for this program. It really showed and there was little time for the participants to just sit back and watch you "do magic" for them; the real learning was happening the entire day as you saw each of the groups respond positively to all the individual and group exercises. They definitely participated as a whole group, too. My thanks to you for a job well done, Denise!" Terryanne Poon, State Compensation Insurance Fund.

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